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Silvmar Complet, SRL
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About enterprise Silvmar Complet, SRL

"Silvmar Complet" SRL offers a wide range of the equipment for animal husbandry, the equipment for farmers and peasants, agricultural stock.

We sell:

Equipment for cultivation and keeping of birds / KRS / pigs / goats / sheep / horses
Lines on distributions of forages for a bird
Systems of a poyeniye of a bird

Incubators for Eggs chicken / perepelinnye/goose

Devices for milk sale

Systems and devices for milking of cows / sheep / goats
Equipment and accessories for milk Processing
Milk analyzers


Equipment for processing of forages
Carts for distribution of compound feeds
Miniformula-feed plants
Transporterna tape and shnekovy for distribution of loose forages

Conveyors are manure
Pumps are fecal submersible

Vacuum equipments / pumps


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